Innovative Cuba Tours Provided by Transeair Travel

Enjoy a visit to somewhere new when you work with Transeair Travel in Washington, DC, for your Cuba tours. Our travel advisors give you inside access to this historic country.


Cuban Travel

Due to recent events, it is easier now than it has been in the last 20 years to visit Cuba. Before the embargo is lifted and tourists descend on the island, we can help you plan your trip. A full-time schedule of activities is available to help you enhance your contact with locals, support civil society, and promote the Cuban people independent of the authorities.

Our Transeair Staff are happy to have you join pre-arranged Transeair custom tours, organize and plan a special itinerary including places that interest you, or suggest a choice of other company tours which you can join.

Cultural Pride

This beautiful island is a country frozen in time. We provide you with personal interaction with the Cuban communities, as well as traditions that embrace the culture today. Your trip to Havana not only covers Cuba's history, but also gives you access to the people and the culture
Planning Your Trip
While Cuba is still off limits to tourists from the United States, it is easy to obtain a general license to visit the country. At Transeair, we help you arrange a trip to meet the U.S. government's requirements for travel. Although general tourism activities and transactions are not allowed, you can gain access to Cuba for the following reasons:
• People to People Trip: Six or More Travelers Follow a Preplanned
Itinerary to Support Local Cubans in Various Walks of Life
• Religious Mission: Visitors Will Interact with the Local Religious
• Humanitarian Projects: These Projects include Inclusive Itinerary of
• Professional Convention or Symposium: Enjoy Research in Your Field of Endeavor
• Journalistic Activity: Open to Full-Time Journalists, as well as
Supporting Broadcast, Technical Personnel, & Freelance Journalists
with an Assignment
• Cuban Americans: Travelers Who Are Visiting Family
• Education Exchange Structured Programs: Offered for Degree Credit or
Teaching in a Formal Course of Study
• Performers/Athletes: Participants in Public Performances, Clinics,
Workshops, Athletic Competitions, and Exhibitions
• Government Work: Travelers Participate in Official Business of the
United States Government, Foreign Governments, & Certain
Intergovernmental Organizations
• Delivery: These Trips Are Directly Related to the Exportation,
Importation, or Transmission of Information or Informational Materials
• Private Foundations: Assist in the Activities of Private Foundations or
Research for Educational Institutes
• Export: Open to Certain Authorized Export Transactions
Contact our travel advisors to discuss your Cuba tours and how to gain access to the country.